uhh make me f(&#$)amous

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hit it rip it, tear it apart man, um going hot damn
hoes showed to get fame hard, um trying hard without shame man,
but ain't going fall, m a hardman,
i have done everything i could, but no use damn,
no one calls my name,one of my girl calls me sam,
girls over my ass i touch nothing but stach,
going high like rios, batch, being caught by work mash,
am doing thing hard, works going a lot man,no sleep for heart man,
am people's heart, ya.. works going hot man, lets gets high man,
haha, and you see it coming? i don't think so, stay alert, slow mo,
aaah, shit its going so good, i feel like kush,always like kush,i lov kush,
i always push the limits of kush, it ain't got a limit, its like george bush,
over flowing....!!!!

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