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My name is Krumpas,
I come out the same time of year as Christmas jumpers,
Ha Ha
We triple C don't try and jump us,
We just came to cause some pandemonium,
Battle a band of punk ass bitches and stand the only ones,
Were never fun but always truthful,
But mess us about things may turn brutal,
You'll get a boot full,
Straight to your jaw,
Stomp your fucking pussy ass into the floor,
We mofuckin og's,
White and black,
The colors we rep,
Its to the triple C u never wanna step,
Unless you want us to break your neck,
Yh we be break neck,
At speed,
2 seater,
Windows black,
Fucking on lean,
We be so mean,
Don't want to fuck with us,
Or your bitch ass might get cut,
Fucking runt,
Ima cum all over your mommas cunt,
I'm lethal,
we evil people prepare for the squeal,
I'm the reincarnation of Jesus,
But i have an evil twin so you can also can me jebus,
Better run the other way when you see us,
All you mofuckers wanna be us,
but yall know you'll never fucking beat us.

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