Mc Kit - K I T

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let me tell you a story about this life
in Russian getting High is catching "Kaif"
you wanted significance? the sense is rife
eyes open, incision with a sharp knife
my mind is deep like the Mariana Trench
i got charisma like marijuana stench
when i smoke i inhale the truth
exhale lyrics so hard they bruise
these are old school brews and my thirst gets quenched
when i punch hard make sure your jaws are clenched
i interlace rhymes with style
lace them with vapory substance
and when i am done with this joint
i am going to make your sub dance
this beat goes hard i give credit when it's due
when i first heard it, i was like that's my cue
i have the answers and i give you the clues
this is K I T do you have any Qs
lay it out simple as that - a special for you
say it loud a riddle that is right before you
Who Flows Fire? note i do not diss
them sharks can not swim as deep yo
i delude their water with my piss
leave them in a state of limbo
This is K I T straight from Moscow
true style and flow hot like Tabasco
i made a recipe book when i was hungry
main course is boiling, degrees at a hundred
i am the chef, here is an appetizer
blending ingredients, sound synthesizer
green tea grown in the land of china
rhymes; like music on a vinyl
all i do is drink my special tea
Rap and Hip Hop is my specialty
white T top it off with a hoody
and to finish off - Fatality

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