Credit Due

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here we go again just grab ya damn pen/
n when it's in my damn hand I feel like a gunman/
n yes this demon you sure as fuck summoned/
you questioned the light and now it's dark again/
I'm hitting my target like a fuckin' marksmen/
and ladies stay on me cause I'm no minuteman/
don't test the Devil have you eating sand like you was from Iran/
I'm dealing with you bitches no wonder I'm eating xans/
but that's ok still got my master plan/
have the crowd beating on they chest Tarzan/
Nava Ray Devil never be a fuckin' sideman/
I'm Skeletor bitch you Beast-man/
and my credit is due so place that cash in my hand/
I don't give a fuck RNH Recordz win/
Mike Speicher climbin' these chains to rank of veteran/
Devils Disciples follow me till the end/
no Slim Jesus ain't got to pretend/
I rap for the rest of my life don't need a damn cent/
this Devils in the peoples heads might need to repent/
it's to fuckin' late I'm back from hell ta torment/
I underwent a lot of change for what I represent/
maybe I've been possessed and I need reassessed/
these rappers clownin' on me even though my fucking skills are still being sketched/
underrated CB in this game gettin' ready ta intercept/
and let's face it half you rappers leave me unimpressed/
feeding us your bullshit it's a little far fetched/
I'm the fuckin' Devil on my mutha fuckin' quest/
you get in my way get something lodged in ya chest/
ya best pray to god you wore that fuckin' vest/
and just cause you go to church don't mean ya ass blessed/
the Devils credit is due I won't be suppressed/
this rap game to me there is no fucking rest/
I always stay focused and remain completely unstressed/
takin' care my 8 kids and workin' on my progress/
now I'm straight as n arrow no more being reckless/
and with the 100 dollars gonna buy my girl a neckless

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