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I told these niggas to give my credit when it's due
Cause 2 times 2 equals 4 shots to the dome and now ya homie wet up too
I got em scared like it's Halloween cause I'm weening these niggas off like they leaning
No promethazine cause a nigga wavy no leaning
These niggas out here looking like frankfurters i'm eating
Eating on these niggas like forbidden fruit i'm in Eden
I'm the first man to ever do this shit like Adam
Cause i'm spitting bars so sharp I split you like an Atom
I'm splitting niggas from Adam's Apple to asshole
Clean you up, cook you, and eat your ass whole
You mmm mmm good like Campbell's
But I'm extra hungry so get some Campbell's
I'm giving niggas rigamortis like a funeral home
I'm destroying you niggas and sending you to your heavenly home

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