*I Don't Get It...* YoungBreezy3

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I don't get it..
You not half as nice
You sacrifice
Your own lines
To incorporate mines
"Like I guess that'll suffice"
Then wonder why you don't survive
Got left behind
You sit and try
Dig and cry!
Look for drive
I took your gears
All these years
I carried mine
Plus yours, my back hurts
From all this carrying
You'd think I'd credit here
Can you hear
The subliminal
Pokes and tears
Stabs at careers
What? You thought it was an accident queer?
Nah the shit was intentional
I try to stray away from Eminem's lane
Create my own train
Of thought brain
Fought waves,
Of emotion
Hold it at bay
While I search
For words
To say!
Every day!
I rack myself!
Is it possible..
I've maxed me out
This cloud of doubt
Still holds me down
And kicks me "ow!"
Spit blood up now!
And tears ain't found
I don't cry but how
Can I die inside but live in hell!?
Can't be a common written
Gotta be different!
Fuck a instrumental!
my instrument is mental!
And I'm stuck between the middle
Of ripping my own neck out!
Grab the apple
And snap it
Like Snapple
Being freshly cracked open!
No sense of what dope is
Yeah ryhme it with hopeless
Repeat the same cycle
Get clowned by rivals
"Oh look, its the clown's arrival, Mr. Rob the Mic Drop"
Listen dog
I leak drops
No tears just blood
Bleak thoughts
And rot!
Cus rob can't stop!
The same, pro-cess!
With no pro-gress!
His wrist did, he dislocate it yet?
Nah, as long as I can still write
I go to war with this mic
This cypher shit boy its mine

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