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You ready for the DAMAGE
when I turn to a SAVAGE
I've been trying to keep my BALANCE
I will take it as a CHALLENGE
when I bust and I burn and I blow and I bite
and I must and I turn and I flow and I arise
me, myself and I are like the armageddon
combined with the peacefull, glorious heaven
Stay out of my radius I bring the static
This is my style, my Flow Automatic
With the speed and strenght like an vampire
My strength only just might backfire
So boy, don't you dare to say what you want cause you don't admire
But honestly, Please stop making jokes this ain't no Comedy
Cause if you're funny, then I'm kevin hart and you? just a wannabe.
I'm sorry, I know that I am funny
I got all my jokes straight from looney tunes own Bugs Bunny
I got Harmony, Agility, and the velocity
cause with my mic im like thor in Norse Mythology
I make it thunder, and I can make it rain
Don't you dare to battle me boy, cause I bring the pain
I am now in my battle stanse and I wont leave my position
After my track you'll be left in a comatose Condition!
I'm the lyrically mastermind, lost in space and lost in time
if I keeps spitting the truth I'll be crusified
I slay all my enemies with no apology
that's why i'mma patient of the department of psychology
spreading fear like cody wilsons blueprints for his liberator
an ancient myth is back to slay, the condemned imperator
when it comes to your life consider me as the editor
I'm like like jesse with a gatling gun combined with the predator!

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