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New years resolution
Start a freaking movement
maybe spark a revolution
Get Higher education, be an evolution,
For the cancer society
Become the resolution
Spread my dollars round
Leave it for distribution
Create an institution
For the Gs that goes pushing
Nearing the years conclusion
so it's time to start the fusion
Of my greatness and perfection
To earn presidency, win the election
Start blessing for my attention,
ill go through Armageddon,
even if I get a detention,
Design a new type of protection
Even if it kills my collection
But is it possible to do it
Tryna play the truest,
dumber than Three Stooges
Then ill p to go to parties or
participate in shootings
Or will my NYR fall down inthe ruins
Will I fail? I mean, we're all humans
The years nearly done
And I'm not perfect
Maybe there is one
Thing to expect(x4)
//verse 2
I been thinking what I should do
Make It something you can ride too
Maybe write something that is true
To all the lonely kids maybe give em food
I just wanna care and not be unprepared
all I want is for everything I own shared
But that's okay, I just wanna learn to say
That I am sorry
I don't you to worry
About the bad things that stole wars glory
You see I won't ever be perfect,
Next year I just want to stop hurting
Coz, when it comes to mind
it makes my brain purgeon
I wanna close the curtains
Maybe get a new version
At my b-day party
Create a diversion
Will my NYR fall down in the ruins
Will I fail? I mean, we're all humans
//chorus (x8)

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