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Look started off basic in a one room home
Now I'm goin the hardest with Versace clothes
What I've been through only me and Lord knows
Let's go trying to start off right not be greedy
All the homies in my hood always needy
The come up to my door step pleading
Fuck it gotta help my homies
The one and only bitches in my hood that are lonely
I tell em come her put that pussy on me
But let's take it way back
Polo shirt jeans and my shades back
That's my old shit
Why homies always gotta be bold for
Why homies still in the game but can't score
Like wow I'm scratching my head try and figure it out
But look didn't always have it good
Wasn't always safe in the hood
I was constantly moving all the time
I was even coming short on rhymes at a time
It was constantly spit commit crimes
All my life held business fine
My mom had to pay the fine
Doin everything to get me in line
I'm not actually a criminal
I was tryin to get my minimum
Trying to keep this momentum
Making money they thought I was doin printable
Got to keep my recordings up digital
Keep my rhymes simple
I tell her pop that pussy like a pimple
Steady gettin cash
But it wasn't always like that
Constantly dodging bullets
My rhymes made into booklings
Steady flaming like what $G cooking
But know I got a couple bookings
Have all these bitches looking
I used to wear offbrand vans
Now I'm up to then Ray bands
I got them hands like Ray had(not in a elevator thow)
Always on top what time is it gotta check my watch
Keeps these streets on lock on God gotta stay on top
It's hard selling rocks and dodging shots
And even if it comes to lodging shots
And launching shots
I catch bullets like a rawlings glove
I was hungry I was thirsty
I thought I would be homeless by 13
Yungca$h Inc that's yung$G
Take care of. The streets like my nephew
Smoking on that spice like etchuu
Always gotta be on my venue
Look let's just keep it straight
How you gonna be in the game and be fake
There only one way and it ain't fake
I'm higher than crack cocaine
I controlled this shit like a domain
My thumbs bruised number than novocaine
Yung$G better know my name
Be a real rapper not a fake actor
Y'all are comedys(laughter)
And as fact of matter I'm climbing the ladder
While y'all fell of
My homies like pay my bail (not)
Lucky for you I'm tha best
Like where tha rest
I guess they left
Or I stole the game like theft

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