J Skwat 1

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J Skwat up in this bitch
I got bitches they gona slide with me
I got bitches they gona hide with me
I got bitches they cant get fucked with
i Got niggas they all around me like a Spy
They be wise as fuck
They be sized as fuck
they be all around me like I'm Inside
This niggas has some pride
Okay ughhhm
(Verse 1)
Yeah J SKwat Remember that please
Yeah you better suck on that
YeaH we got 9 mm up in yo face
We the niggas we got Pace
We the niggas gona run this State
We the niggas you gona Hate
Yeah we the niggas all the people gona praise
Ha Ha Ha
Na fuck that I got more to say
You niggas better know who we are
Or someday we be brighter that a fucking STAR!

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