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boom boom im going in
this is lil q show let me just begin
some call me q man some call me q
some call me quawesome kid cuz all i do is win
crazy in sane flow call me hells angel
fruity listic swag like i live on a rainbow
you haters backed up i guess im the king tho
i earn my stripes like i play for the bangles
first you call me lamo how can you compare to me
i am the best and your a soulja boy parody
halla at me homie halla at me im sippin on that kool-aid mixed with hi-c
ya raps so nasty like soda in hy-vee
this is lil qu33zy baby halla at me
you will never beat me you don't come close
cuz spit fire and burn rappers like toast
cuz if you slap a girl ill put you to rest
and if you try to fight back ill have my bullet proof vest
your an unwelcome guest so stop resisting arrest
N.P.S raps are a mess but i can fix it like felix boy
my raps just shocked you but you cant even feel it.
what they gone say
what they gone do
what they gone say
boy what they gone do (x4)
this is Qu33zy
bars so cold it gets breezy
im a little be sick so i might be sneezy
i got asthma so i might be weasy
and my rap game so high its easy
because that i a little bit cheesy
i ball so hard that the ball gets flat
imma ball hog so i might be brat
imma get my big brown baseball bat
and hit these pussy cats.

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