Make It Happen / My Wraith

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YB Chosen - Make It Happen
I'm a make it happen mama ima make it happen
Yeah so many out here rapping, but see I ain't only rapping cuz That is just fraction
But I gotta make it happen bet that ima make it happen hater ima make it happen
Yeah so many out here acting but see they ain't got no action gotta get it crackalacking so bet Ima make it happen
I know Plenty talk it but they really ain't bout it.
I know Plenty talking say I really ain't got it.
The heck what they say, check my payday
Checks for pay rate, what the checks say
May day may day, it's a great day
Flexing a- way, you flex for play play
I get it. I ain't even gonna argue with ya
Wouldnt argue wit my woman damn sho not a nigga
Go figure, I don't understand broke niggaz .
When u Coming from a struggle, all u do is think bigga
Think I aint? tryna plot up, come up on a bank?
I remember in the bathroom drummin on the sank.
Hummin what I thank now I'm coming wit a bang
Im a make it happen me and u are not same
YB Chosen - My Wraith
They about to feel my wrath (my wrath)
Don't usually let em get me mad but I'm mad
Now they bout to feel my wrath (my wrath)
These Broke actors need a cast its sad
But I let em feel my wrath
Ion usually let it get to me cuz I move wit check on me.
Paid my dues and I'm next, so its due pay respect to me
Never lose who is next to me, never knew it'd get best of me.
But I grew then knew its less of me if I have to pull a tech em
Get foul, we wild, but black no mild, f around have the news and the press on me.
say it again. And I said it before
I'm playing to win, boy, look at the score.
So I'm racking it in when I'm taking it in u know
Making these ends get personal.
I'm claiming niggaz jobs my work a show. when my job done you gotta work some more
in the long run I'm gonna work for show.
And I bet You prolly still gonna work for Joe
I'm a work for me. It may hurt to see. but it's my time .. Hercules.
Y'all niggaz ain't out working me
Y'all accidents I did it purposely.
Should have a doctorate cuz this surgery.
Bringing life back, this is work to me.
Y'all niggaz ain't out working me
Its my Time... Hercules

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