The Edge

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Livin life everyday on the edge
Should I give up and let go instead?
Should I lift up my head and neva look back?
Maybe I'll neva know
Lemme snap back to reality
I be turning words like a magazine
Haters glarin at me throwin salt, cuz I'm too raw
Swallow up beats like I'm jaws
Destination is the greatness I been patient
Like a monk on a monastery meditatin
Its been a tough life
Like over cooked steak on game night
I been mixin lyrics spittin writtens
watchin out all the time like my name was Nixon
they dont wanna see me rise
they wanna see me fall like the berlin wall
overall im just tryna make a name
I be gettin set back but its all in my brain
my biggest enemy is me
like dre and Kendrick I got the recipe

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