A Dragon's Wrath

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Feel my wrath of attack, had to stop cutting slack.And I mean every word that I breathe on this track.
Got my eyes on the prize, I aint talking cracker jack. Started to sleep on these lames, guess its time to hit the sack.
Skills and the bars are what these new rappers lack. But the ducks gone be ducks, so I listened to them quack.
Its open bird season so I aimed at Airflack These rappers so plain, guess its time to hijack.
Pen game incredible, flow game magical We’re not in the same lane, you’re not even a challenger.
We’re not on the same plane, you’re not even a lateral. Cant divide me, stay outside of these radicals
Been spectacular, the heart of an amateur Never bit lines, so you cant call me Dracula
Eating this beat, you can call me a cannibal. You can be the prey, I’ll kill the predator
I got one chance, I got one shot, If they got flow, I’m the blood clot
Started from the bottom, now I’m top notch, Im Cruella deville, coming for yall spots.
A lone shark in open waters, If they crossing lines, I’m crossing borders
Cant kill me, cause I’m immortal, So ahead of my time, you my sons and daughters
Never been formal, never been cordial, Always been hostile, rhymes started quarrels
Writing rhymes in this rap journal,Then kill it when I spit verbal
Im full throttle like a top model Not even in my prime, just starting to blossom
Popping off like a champagne bottle Im Jesus and these nighas apostles
Too ill for a remedy, no one can contend with meI don’t even need ink, you can check the bloodstream.
If you don’t believe me, you can check the green screen Order of the dragons, no one messing with the dream team
I don’t have enemies, secretly they into me.Who they pretend to be, might as well befriended me.
Cant match my ability, get your own identity.Spit rhymes lyrically, Senatix the entity.
A spitting Kraken that slaughter masses.I been spitting passion, been about my action
Never bragging and I'm never slacking.Bring chaos in an orderly fashion.
Turning these emcees into ashes, Check the walls, you can count the tallies.
Check the flow you can try to match it.Feel the wrath of this spitting dragon/(Repeat)

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