Tough Times

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Switching gears daydreaming of my fears,
thinking what will I become where will I be in 5 years,
will all this stress cause me to lose all my hair,
will my vision be impaired, what I envision is so clear,
do I listen to what I hear, a failure whos unprepared,
or do I overcome and make it in the spotlight like a deer,
do these ppl even care, about my blood sweat and tears,
that I lay down on the line just to make it on the air...
lord give me a sign, going thru tough times, a lot of shit on my mind,
I'm trapped in a bind, I bottle it up inside,
and put it down in these rhymes, in hopes to unwind,
that combined with a will to be felt,
reality checks bounce when your hope is upheld,
Let's speak a new religion Called belief in yourself,
and greed is a Result of belief in the wealth.
Going thru tough times. A lot of shit on my mind, I'm caught up in a bind,
Going thru tough times. A lot of shit on my mind, but I know we'll be fine
Life for some of us is simply a chance at impact,
our only mission is to be heard thru the ears of someone
who cares to listen, in hopes to inspire to influence
to help others thru the music that helped us just the same, let me explain.
Im on a journey just to find better days,
and the youth in the hood fight to survive everyday,
they cant avoid the pain they try to find an escape,
can't afford a flight so they get high to get away,
... man I'm tired of all the killing,
less distractions and more role models for the children,
find something that's appealing stick to it instead of chilling,
and I chose to make a living, off writing all of these lyrics
and hopefully someone listens,
talents are god given, riding on the road to riches,
I'm driven off ambition, faith is the ignition, I'm trusting my intuition,
striving to make a difference, so tell me are you with it?
One man's trash is another man's treasureee,
when life gets rough know things get better,
as the years fly things change like weatherrr,
most of us have seen more pain then pleasure,

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