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Wraith dats a Ghost man/ woo, think im pacman/uh, I jus seen a ghost/ wraith dats a ghost yea/
Gotham city in a black ghost/ run n Dem streets like a bat outta hell/ I ain't even gotta phantom doe/ whip da Chevy like a Aston martin/ I can get it fo da lo doe, blown pac got me so low/
I know I go harder den half uh d's niggas dat think dat they spittn/
I cookem i cookem , I whip em like im chefn up in tha kitchen/
U kno how I get it/ ya shwty she wit it/
Ya shawty she wit/ she wanna count up all d's bengies/
U say she love u but she friendly/ baby u wasten ya self,/ u only a wraith of yaself/ dat mean u a ghost in a shell/
I put tha kush in tha shell/
I'm smoken on super strong den we gone get grown/
I'm bouta put it in ya soul/ she said she feel me in her spirit, I think I den reached my goals/
Real ill im da Ceo/
My aura is dope/
I bang bang like Craig dad , she caught da holy ghost/

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