Blessed Be

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It's like we all blessed now,
It took a mirror to recognize who the best now.
Talk is cheap, so I'm just speakin with my chest now.
Ask me? But I don't even know how.
Talkin' bout how all day you was faded.
You and I both know that shit is overrated.
It's fallin down, these thoughts becoming cascaded.
Tellin the girl that shit is getting kinda complicated,
and I need someone who doesn't make me feel appreciated.
Cause I been thinking all day about all my flaws,
How I use you to just slide in them draws,
How I see you kicked back playin' with these balls,
Not knowin' I was playin until you bawl
Sayin' "You a fucked up, you a fuck up, you fucked up-"
But I dismiss any further diss,
cause I find this so-
Unnappealing, dreamweavin', demon cleaning', dick fiendin
Deeper meaning till you wake up,
Then you make up, an Identity
To ease your mind till you rest in peace
Chillin' in the corner but you feeling like a center piece.
You see everyone movin' like a centipede.
Drooped eyes, 2steppin to the newest beat.
You wonder how close the stair way to heaven be.
Let me take a breath,
So you remember me,
But i'm suffocating around pressure and I cannot breathe,
I can't even dream, I can't even be.
Honey is so damn sweet if you can handle bees.
But the hive minded won't let me see,
Devil around the corner, but then God messeged me.
My son, let me remind you how feeling Blessed Be.

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