Drug on War

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I’ve got the drug on war for you
To put you in that funky mood
If we’d just funk up war
It could cease and be no more
Then we could all relax and sing
The drug on war creates these things
We can’t fight against the state
The drug on war can bring us change
It can help eradicate
The new york stock exchange
The drug on war empowers us
To make war on hate and spread some love
Stop the death that flies above
Enable the truth
We won’t be taken, we’re no fools
One day this planet we will claim
Now we sing along and say
Chorus-Can’t fight! Get together! Get high!
So if this plan appeals to you
Light one up, let’s start the coup
While the clock ticks, the fat cats talk
People on the ground forced to walk
While imperialism maims and kills, Capitalism creates paper bills
Military industrial complex
We make the regions much more complex
We stay this way and we won’t progress
Neolib and neocon
Pray to Hashem they’ll see their wrongs
Lets be peaceful like Islam
For the trodden down
And kicked around
For those at Yale
and those in jail
Don’t take up arms, just lend a hand
Let’s roll one up and sing again
The drug on war eliminates brutality
Could allow the hawks to open up and see
Neo conservative terrorists want a theocracy
The drug on war shows their hypocrisy
The blind see nothing, the deaf hear nothing, the mute say nothing
But the oligarchs can’t feel
Which one of them do we really need to heal
The drones & the bombs & the missiles & the guns
Killing off the parents and the daughters and the sons
Watch the destabilization, lay the foundation
For extreme frustration, aggravation, agitation
Causing people to take up arms for liberation
Or run away to another place
Then we hear cries of illegal immigration
The drug on war will end it all
It will bring us elation, euphoric sensations
But ultimately it’ll bring us salvation

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