DC Calified-This That(Cypher)

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Check it everytime they get it, we give it cus they know that we got it,
Rite?(this is the chypher)so once again, they get it, we give it,cus they know we fucking got it, Chypher then!
Well you put me in position, I'm oh free the fee, cus everyday turn into a winning streak, in the street ain't nair nobody ever see, she want it doggystyle for awhile without the flees, I'm oh focus pile up,miles get the cheese, den been lockdown, filed on, then got released, leave the 0 Pam in the pan without the grease, I figure counting figures and do me at least, my reflection always gone depend on me,ain't no block file gonna be the end a me, only my shadow gone know where I go retreat, always in good with the people concrete, and all the pain I caused people's obsolete, consider the past people who got over favor free, cus that was a whole lot a paper collected labor free, they gone talk behind your back, that's how haters be, and if they no a little info, they gone say its me, and if the family still prays, then pray for me,I den been calified like I was baptized, but I didn't realize that the water was 80 degrees,I been living in this heat since the years past me,my chosen folks gone holla at me, none yaal cannot phase the wait, gave up cus yaal just lost the faith,I got a upside down frown, smile on my face, I don't use hate, keep my enemies safe, that's why you won't ever see me catchn a case, I might catch fade, in a mindstate, I'm a getaway, get the job done, clean getaway, get my funds, dc calified ak flip wallets, ain't sayn names, whatchamacallit.balling only price falling,
This that chyper top a yo head, move ahead for that bread, keep my family fed yeah,
(Repeat 4 times)
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DC Calified

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