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stand up so i can put you down.
yes you looking all around
I'll turn that smile into a frown
guys like yo man get outta town
they hate me coz my skin ain't brown
the meanest kid on the playground
you actin foolish like a clown
on the throne wearing the crown
hold the game like i hold it down
they in my face and then the gat goes click clack pow
so surprised oh wow
oh bro get back in your seat
working this shit like
omg dude that was hot
man thank you for the props
white boys just wanna be slim
ahhhhh stop comparing me to him
he's stealing marshals flow
hold up whoa whoa whoa
that's offside man yo
you needa watch your mouth bro
quik silva on the beat lock away yo mums and hoes
sneaky with these rhymes liking walking on tipee toes
imma go fast watch me go
feety wap gotta g-mod
but hes just queer boy looking odd
earrings in like oh ma god
time for me to stop avoiding this
guess i better bite the bitter bullet
getting thinner than a sinner
that assisted a saddist in a saddistic
and simplistic egotistic
exorcism with an exorsist
talent roaring ha raaaa
say that again and I'll smash several shades o shit outta ya
i could buy your label for ten cents
oh thats a sin let me me repent
psych I'll never relent
after this man me your gonna resent
the rap game give it up for lent
the words are twisted and bent
i think thats good my message is sent
take some time off for you to mend
i could carry on but now seems like a good time to end

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