cypher 1: dollar and a dream

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All we have is a dollar and dream just a
couple youths tryna make it in society
livin in poverty it hurts so we get high
tryna make it by victims of the times
that we livin in
Chillin in crib tokin ona blunt Talkin to
my patna bout spittin on the track
needa bring a lil old school to the new
school somethin like snoop d.o. double g
with the ginn and juice and tupac with the thug life. dr dre with the hard bass.
Give it up for the westside. With the
right mind following the blueprints of
the greats we just tryna make these
rhymes tight. Livin life in the fast lane tryna live our life right always stay
humble take a look around we all livin in
the same hell different struggle nd
once ina while we all run into a little
trouble But keep movin keep ya head up
never let anybody see u lookin down u a
soldier dust yo self off and get urself up
off that ground put ur fists up get
ready to go another round.
We all gotta start somewhere know
what im sayin fuck what people say you
do you. Stay true to yourself and youll always find the right path

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