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feel like im being tested
no sense of direction
but my flow go until i reach perfection
watch me reach the clouds like a god ill gain a following
every step i take ill get closer to the obvious
stating the factual
im spiritual but in the actual im hypocritical
its fucking with my senses yo
i guess ill smoke another
for my sister and my brother
we could have had no other
we lucky we got each other
for real
im steady in the field
pump ready for the field
too intelligent to kill
to legitament to squeal
so thees pigs know the deal
its fucking with my feelings i can feel
that shit for real
that's just how it goes i reside withe my pros
getting high off this roach
i don't know where im going but fuck it im going to go
just make sure you watch me
im on top this hip-hop
they cant knock me
another rythem for them dark nights
stomach steady screaming
nothing in the fridge
how the fuck im suppose to live
with dust in my pockets y'all don't know what i done did
just to git into this fit just to fit into the mix
i get hotter with the drama
they talk all this designer
make me want to grab the llama
and bomb em like osama
i heard they got cash in abundance
but all the cats i run with
will turn snake
for them hundreds
that's why i stay cautious
they heartless
they stay armed to the teeth
like some marksmen in the
i keep moving trying to stay in my lane
but its hard cause im struck and i must maintain
now feel my pain
im far past average
as a kid i used to act quick
chasing hoes selling O's
by the baskets
never seen a problem
that couldn't be handled swiftly
if the cops come then
ill flee on my six speed
as i got older the world felt colder
no sweater
just tech and barrettes
emotions cant interfere
with thoughts of that cheddar
heartless and cold as an apex predator
i keep doing my thing
trying to live a king
in my mind
that fine
id make reality flee
i get the cash
i know that balance is key
a change of mind is hard to find
when you taking baths out the sink
so when i blink
don't interrogate my thoughts
one decent mind can bring light to the dark
i be pulling in the positive
truth is im just an honest kid
that turned in to a college kid
with or without thees scholarships
i got it sewn up words from the temple
its simple i can make y'all shake like the crash of a cymbal
so let em know im one to be known
give em a dose they get froze
turned to stone like dammit he cold
as cryogenics when im in it
ill defend it
its whatever
rapper think they are clever
i suppose they know no better
like a kid with a barrette
shit is deadlier than ever
i just hope this shit don't last forever
knowledge is king
im raps supreme in action speed
i let my actions speak
no passing me

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