Dirty Diana

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I be in my crib stoned to the bone (to the bone)
smelling fresh as fuck skunk my cologne (my cologne)
got the dow like I'm Robertson
got me creaming her dairy on
all my dawgs their prairie on
silent drone, librarian
we'll never grow up, we'll never grow up
we'll never grow up, we'll never grow up
we'll never grow up, we'll never grow up
cause that work life shit ain't for me
I'd rather live in momma's house
Verse 1
didn't take a bath in like 3 weeks
rolling with skunks so yeah, I stink
momma told me that I don't think
got her credit card and I void it
now we broke as fuck in this basement
kicked out we didn't pay rent
but I made payments to the bagman
cause he got ham (Gotham) like Batman
so what I'm barbarian
I'm a rebel contrarian
might as well be an alien
cause I'm cold, no mammalian
I drink like a thirsty camel
got no respect for the temple
my girl bows to me I'm the chapel
she addicted to my holly apple
Ah, 365 until I die
I swear to God I will be high
pussy, money, weed on my mind
I swear my hat needs a new design
don't give a fuck about fashion
one shirt and I'm flashin'
I never let the sun blind me
you know where to find me
Verse 2
apart from weed I'm a rapper
you other niggas are faeces
I'm the offspring of Eminem
but don't call me Hov' or Yeezes
I'm new to all this RapPad
but I'm old to my rap pad
next time I'll flow rapid
but for now I'm just glad that
I got a song on this website
but not enough to feed my appetite
y'all better give me more props
not just cause I'm African
but I'm kinda low to record again
this my last shot
yeah I'm kinda low on that cash
why don't you just laugh at me
y'all probably think I'm that trash
everyone thinks I'm stupid
so when I say we'll never grow
that means we'll never blow
all because we're in the wrong place
this was never about race
smoke weed escape reality
you know where to find me

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