Can't Lose [Prod. by MakaihBeats]

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Ima take my time with this
like slow motion
shit im so golden
you cant hold him
feeling like James with the rock
and lane open
Im frame to focused
shit I been potent
I cant lose
All I wanna see is big booty bitches
P-loc roll the swisher
I got a full plate
tell them hoes they can do the dishes
Im eating
please believe me
like this my season tho
Im focused forward
swear I murked my demons slow
thats just how it go
You see me on a roll
cant stop
wont stop
Shawty wanna cuff
im like no cops
gotta get this dough now
woh now
shouts Makaih mad props
Gimme the beat its no question
Im murder em all with no weapon
Don't test him na he too reckless
PHX young assassin
Welcome to the main attraction
I just gotta think about it...then I take the action

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