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im the strongest cattle, tower, and town, over the brains of misbegotten hounds
leaving smoking craters and molten vapor where your neighbors abide
indeed we swim the sea and part the waves to lead the way either way
wont walk away till a profits made
not stopping till my pockets full of cash dropping boulder dash
claiming too hot like 2pac when he got 2 shot
to life with little ease we converse like middle east
figuring out how to drop these bombs in Italy
wise beneath the apple tree getting wiser when we rise above the wire
and combine the higher smarts with iron hearts like fighters
i was formed in fire with great desire to make people ill
with the words that spill from churches to verses with purposes
a persons wordsmith call me Dr.important when im beating dead horses
my syllables the word like the bird high above the earth
and i can either crash down and make the worst of sounds
or continue to follow my course and swing forth
and fortifie the path to multiply the raps
thus the future i can sight you living the past
but me i immerse in higher words and dire terms to bypass iron grip
with the writers undivided crisp attention with the pens n pencils
ima break the fucking mental collapse your temple
bash your verbal cortex leave it looking same as a vortex
i smash the baring to be clear i hate all you queers
now leave me the fuck alone or bask in fear
the potential #1 batter is hear slinging rhymes back n forth
with a master force that could crush the crust of earth to dust
and bust a fuss you couldn't cuss the way i must
robust when i ask for stuff adverse in the ways of not walking away
call it stubborn or ignorance n innocence playing games on innocents
mr.splitter leaving splinters i have undefined jitters now listten
maybe im crazy and bitter so you better stay several yards away
if you want cha child safe like im p.d now get the fuck out the way
I'm coming to rage molded by scholars and I don't mean to scream
but if I hit you better drop and quit a monster with pounds and quids
the kid will finish what he started target artist with the hardest smartest bars
and Marty's listed call me dvinchi need to translate my words
so it's dire heard I fly it first the fire words you might've heard
Call you flame nah your charred embers
while I reach above the bars and metric minds
couldn't comprehend my farthest reach chilling up on artist street
this artistry is hard too keep I reach above the rising sea
in these 3 minutes Ima leave you dreaded deadheaded waiting for the right
to verse your minor words can't be the light emerged
I run the race you cunts couldn't even come in a place
I have to rap feed the beast beneath my comfy sheets
like step to the curb y'all the trash I leave in wake
this energy call me a generator fry the penetrators
when they touch my sockets 1 finger all I need stop the beating of their hearts
then it's over and done like it was all for fun
now hand me the clicker I got the answers for what's gonna bring me my dinner
although I'm not fitted for the morsel mortal minds for all eternity
my words will keep to reach the stars and beat the speed of light
at which I rise I'm gonna say this one time I'm gonna be divine a holy mastermind
to the vocals moving through the motion invoking people to be smart
embark on the path knowledge now let me be clear
keep your sight at sides
don't sway keep the kindness in your heart rage will fill within
the dark and fester to every part of able bodies
so you gotta keep moving be a leader be the speaker
be the who never quits even when the odds are a bitch
like fuck that shit ima out work every motherfucker alive
no matter if your numbers are growing
like the suicides in heaven be the one who beats the odds
cause eventually cards will fold and reveal the diamond hearts with iron scars
that weaved the goals from his start to make a mark
so you better start trying hard if you wanna make it far

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