Car Raps, Beer Taps, and Stupid ...

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New to the rap game, find me spittin when commutin in the fast lane
My fans drive by see me rappin hopin that im gonna lay a quatrain
They see me every morning know it's gonna be a new day
Hey, but I'm just hopin i can entertain. I ain't in it for the fame,
and I'm just tryin to kill a little bit pain
that surely come from livin in the day to day,
cause i ain't tryin to go and fade away.
I'm in it for the fun and I'm havin blast.
My four door club ain't never strapping you for cash.
Drummin on the wheel and bangin beats out on my dash.
Tunes from outer space stole em straight from Pluto Nash
Workin long days watch the time so I can clock out
Pack up all shit, give em deuces and I walk out
Hit up all my friends, get a table, grab a cheap drink
These people that i'm hittin when i feel i'm on da brink
of disaster. Time wanna slow down but it's faster.
Life 's a bitch? Man I say that shit is a real bastard.
Temper tantrum throwin shit I gotta pick up after.
What I gotta do to feel like i am my own master?
I think i'll find God so I can ask her.
laughter: is what i'll get in reply, cause i am plastered
probably a relevant factor
but ya know... I think she probably knew that.

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