On my mind

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Hook: so much on my mind,listen to the story of a nigga on his grind, all this shit is real ,homie can you feel, a lot is on my mind how am i gon pay the bills, old girl still on my mind, fuck her, cause i ain't kind, so much shit on my mind,sing it for me one time,one time one time.
Verse: Yo, in high school everything was cool, was a fein for the ass, i was missing class,for the girls with the curves it was such a blast woah not really i was failing class. Had to get this shit the hard way,hoop dreams ballin, penny Hardaway ,best believe that a young nigga came to play,finna ball out homie cause i came to slay. On the mic i be going off on every track, flashback,throwback where my pops at,and these niggas want beef man where you at,i just pulled up to the scene nigga where you at. A lot on my mind, late night stressing, might give in, late night stressing,shit is an exam,the devil testing me but i know that God gon be blessing me,eventually,especially its meant to be,cause i know that its meant to be,i can feel it in my head,mentally, i see the bigger picture boi its meant to be

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