Got the Plug

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My vision so clear..
Got a phone call that the package is here
I load up my choppa ....
If money don't lie then my pockets sincere
I parked in the rear, hit up the phone is that Chico
He tell me he got that perico, stashed in the valleys up cinco,
But be careful remember the rico, and all that in thinking is trickos (tricks tricks tricks)
Paranoia adrenaline rushing thru my veins
But I need that for my change, till the next time peep the end.
Had the plug up In the roof, by the moonlight like a wolf, with an A.R so big you'd think he's shadow is double scented,  shot all them 56's at the car that they rented.
Got my money, got the package,
got some more to reload the cartridge.
Till the next episode....
I got the potency of 5 batallions, lusting for rings and them medallions,  lost in the alleys, with a .38 caliber in my pants
And I rock the excalibur in my gangsta stance
Got a rocking dance and they popping xanx
But I'm rocking bands, my lyrics are like stock exchange
Everybody yelling out what they want for the loot
And I'm parked writing raps in my mind classic crook
But oh so clean like a baby's first tooth
Strapped right now even in this fucking booth
Y empaquelo saquelo falsetos matelos
Con más pistolas que vaqueros ásperos
Dos hermanos creando leyendas música diseño de prendas, got the plug y esto es para que me entiendas
Me entiendes, Mendes?
2 b continued

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