You Can Call Me

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7Sharp's Notes

My first rap hope you enjoy im recording it soon!

Im comin In
goin rollin out the porchse like T wayne
after i spit this fire you'll be in pain
you must be listining to eminiem cause you losin your self
you look up on that shelf what do you see?
you see yourself and you say "Is that me?"
What a loser you'll say till the end of the day
Today you'll meet your demise then when you're dead you'll realize
you we're paralyzed in the moment when you had no job and you we're a slob
you had a no good loser friend name Bob
and then one day you got robbed
for anything you ever wanted
dreamed for
you couldn't even afford somthing
at the dollar store
the only thing you had left was your 1996 ford
couldnt afford a sandwhich
used to be adored in the rap game
but now you're just tame
they put you to shame
but i wouldnt blame cause you were going insane
insane in the brain
you used to get those gains
now you're in pain
so you can call me death cause ima put you out ya misery
now you're just history
yeah history
It was a mystery
like mike tyson he solved dat
he gave you a tip so you can adapt
you just had to love it
love it alot
you can call me god cause you comin back
you comin up
you risin up
you can call me your savior
cause i made you
i say woo like the wu tang
just like your friend li kang
you can call me satan
cause i made you come awakin
it was all a dream you still broke
still a joke
still a choke
just a bloke
then i say "Boom!" like i explode
take a note
yeah take a note
you can call me death cause i came for your soul
and you got sold
"Hey atleast you worth somthin now"

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