Beware (Wraith)

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started with nothing and now im on top
killing anybody that be telling me to stop
smoking on the best til the bowl gets hot
drop it and roll up some dank wit my thots
fuck a label i am the monster inside of yo closet
killin fake rappers yeah they say i lost it
back in the trap i had to sell crack
otherwise die of hunger so i do not slack
heroin and meth epidemic at my place
hoping that my fingerprints they do not trace
cuz if they do imma have to run
and if they catch imma have to pull the gun
ima cold motherfucker with a cold heart
blanco my skin white as the coce i sell at the park
people line that shit up on my school sinks
cane residue on everything tell me what you think
pullin gats if you deny tha facts
im tha realist in these fucking streets you just an act
go back to the circus you never sold
talk shit and ima make that warm blood , cold

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