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I'm not really one to get hype
But that's all changing tonight
The future is bright and the girl that I like
Well she just texted me and she said that we might
Go on a date tomorrow
This is not fake no more
I cannot wait for her, whoo
Tonight, though, I'm going hard
Blow up the boulevard
Because I'm knowin' that
I might be cold and hard
Let's drink a toast to ours
Because when morning come
I'll be a taken one
Might be already gone
You know she may be the one
Hitched like I'm twenty one
Bachelor me could get anyone
But that's off the table now, ooh
I'm not really one to get hype
But this may be my last wild night
my lemonade's spiked and the girls look alright
So let me jump on the mic and spit some fire like
So before I say auf Wiedersehen
Or until we meet again
Know that I won't concede defeat
I'll never become the guy who's like
"I can't hang out this weekend, b,
You know my girl? She needs to eat
And I have gotta clean the sheets,
And probably feed the retriever
Then chill out and beat my meat or
Whatever's next, I ain't had sex
In three damn weeks.
What's worse her ex Is street and he'd
Take about six
milliseconds to beat up me
And for cleanup, he'd need three
Axnious, my heartbeat is seen
To be erratic
Relaxation is sporadic
Can't leave her though, I'm an addict"
Guys, I will never need release
I know, "Chill out, you're seventeen"
This could be just a week away
Never thought I'd see the day
I'm fast approaching middle age
May be time to disengage
Before I know I'll be engaged
Face it man I need a way
To know everything will be okay
This lunch tomorrow may very well be
The ending of everything I have ever been
And I really don't want that to happen
What do I even do on a date.
How do I talk and what do I wear
And how do I even style my hair
And what topics of conversation may present themselves in the course of our-
I'm not really one to get hype
But everything's okay tonight
The cameras are bright and my friends are alright
And we're going to go hard until we see the light
Come on, it's time to get hype
Come on, it's time to get hype
Relationship'd probably end in a fight
She doesn't even text me goodnight
Come on, it's time to get hype

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