Gimme a sign

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I don't know how she got her, hooks in me, but she's got those fuckin, hooks in deep
and she, only, sees what she wants to see when she fuckin, looks at me
so I, guess I'm forever crooked see, so, take a, look at, fuckin crooked me
you'll neva, fully understand what the fuck you took from me
so, was it the, price on my head or the cost of my game that you took for cheap
cuz its, like, everyones life is an open book to me
but I, feel so cold I dont even care to look to see
so I'm, askin myself is this passion, or, is it, just infatuation
like, what the, fuck am I lacking to be fascinatin
cuz ya, know that, every, time I rap I leave em' fascinated
so I gues the love that she had for me,
was, over exaggerated
so I'm, so, over this shit that I'm past debated
cuz I, only get one so ya know I have to take it
so I'm, soon to be movin on up like I, graduated,
cuz It's, like, cuz it's, like
everytime I pick up my Iphone
I feel like droppin an I bomb
but I, know this isn't just my song
but I'm, doin it so right how can you say that I'm wrong
I, feel my feel is so nice, like a, mix with a bottle of sprite
so, you can say that I'm on
I'm a, beast when I'm eatin these beats, give a, fuck if you think I'm Lion
I should be, chargin for every born bar,
cuz I, fuck the beat hard like a porn star
so I, ride around like I'm, in a, foreign car
cuz its like, onto the next one, on to the next one
with a, torn heart,
cuz, didn't you know that nobody comes out of war par
haha got off track, got off track
now back to my I shit, give a, fuck who I'm signed with
every, time that rhyme, I know that I rhyme sick
so, you, can, go on and time it
cuz, I, don't, know what time is
so, I, guess this verse is timeless
so if, god is a women then its safe to say it,
gimme a, sign, bitch
cuz im, on attack, ahead of the pack, so you might wanna get behind this
you, might wanna go back and rewind this, topnotch thoughts is where my mind is
so, never am I caught in flip flops or caught reclining
cuz, this is, Hiphop and I got her lip locked like shes mine an
I'm married to the game an I rep my name like a diamond
so you, better, do what the fuck I say like my name is Simon

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