Phantom (Prod. By MakaihBeats)

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i'm the master of me, a disaster of matter. my mind starts to scatter the faster i breathe,
can't even see, if anything's left of my head but a mess, i guess after i leave,
the laughter will cease. it's directed at me. i dread my intentions, the message i see,
resembles the sentences sent by my pencil to mess with the rebel that trembles in me.
the best with a beat, but the worst with a voice. speaking my mind but what's coming is noise
jumping for joy at the slightest of praise, but kindness is fake and my fun is destroyed.
to be one of the guys, is all that i'd like. want to be vicious and slick with a mic,
buy into the hype, dig into my psych-e. on the edge, addicted to rhymes.
... what if i changed my ways?
what if i played the game with a different aim? an innocent face with belligerent gaze.
burn with a fire that's born in my veins. potential unlimited, spitting with rays,
that rip like a griffin... man i'm living, life to the fullest and lifting the chains.
i'm the blood as it suddenly rushes and comes to your head whenever you're taking a breath.
the one that can summon the vulcan, send you to his dungeon, straight into hell.
you're playing with death, attacking a man that can handle some havoc, i face it myself,
the days you have left, are numbered. the thunder i throw... it's taking effect.
i stutter but no, i'm not handicapped. shutting me holds no lasting dam-age.
grab a match, look at the light when you strike it, that's me when i'm free to be as i am.
an avalanche of words and rhythm, lyrically killing the average man.
i have a plan. - revive the planet with my rapping pad.
they're laughing at me cuz i'm full of hope. an adolescent that can pull the ropes.
i am ascending, finding the end of all life in the realm, the world of smoke.
the wool, pulled ov-er my eyes no more. deny conforming. be who i am,
see me demand, my freedom and stand. emitting the energy beams from my hands.
my pen is injecting a burst of electric, enhancing my essence, expanding my presence,
temper my flow, exposed to the elements. my letters glow, radiate elegance.
rise to the challenge. find out what happens, when you can't cope with the flames of the dragon.
i hope, to break, the madness. i am a ghost, a wraith, a phantom.

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