cypher #58 cracked

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beat challenge RapPad,
cracked down kid emcee here,
man i ain't sure,
what's the freaking cure,
i was born in solitude,
no room for gratitude,
Don't take me wrong,its really really not my attitude,
i am just not in a good mood,i am gonna eat y'll and swallow like a food,
an information for the losers,who are so happy to come so closer,
you got only two options so choose-ya, lose or lose by me,
you see i am like a rapping cannibal gonna eat you down and gonna chew your bones,
while you run to your mommy with soft heart and gonna set JB as a ringtone,
lets me spit some truth,
ISIS killed people in Paris (Peace),
i am going down and i am so gonna harass,
i am doing a favor,
before y'll grow big and fall out and cut your throats with razor,
i am doing mercy,
cause i have taken a fall,i know that phase is,
y'll so gonna cry,burst out,am gonna suck all your props,
and let my rap do my job which is blowing up people people's tops,
some noobies after losing act like they never knew me,
some with rich daddies going up and down in courts and they think can sue me,
man i know i am consuming,but to all those giving me props,
y'll standing at right side of fence,loser don't think i am gonna stop my offence,
yeah,let me tell you about me,
i'm like a outcast in my college , because nobody understands this knowledge,
i have the rap skills,that pay bills,that even kills,but nobody acknowledge ,
you know why cause i come from India,
half of them are ill-literate,thinking i am doing common shit,
"common shit, you call this common shit,
am gonna blow the roof, make a freaking hit"
don't worry i ain't the type that use a gun to end a matter,
am gonna turn into a millionaire,
lets see then whose gonna care,
to all those who left me when my days were bad,
i'm coming back,hope y'll ready are for that,
makaih beats
Kid Emcee
peace out ,done.

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