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See I'm about to go harder that the usual
I'm I little krazy call me disillusion
See I will start my own evolution
I will make it my new years resolution
I'm a living legend I'm about to teach a lesson
See this will be my best writing session
See I'm gonna own this game like it's my possession
I've been rapping since I was seven
See my career is like a question
The answer can go in so any direction
With my music what Is advised is discretion
See rap music is my profession
Can I get any better?any suggestions?
I'm just trying to continue with progression
I'm just trying to manage so psychopathic
See u fake rappers are so tragic
See I came in this game like magic
I just appeared and in this game and cleared through my pain
To make it to the top of the game
Hot bad bitches in Miami like I'm dwayne wade
And just like Miami in ery ballgame we shoot flames
I overcame to entertain all of y'all
I spit lyrics like a waterfall
See if you battle me I'll hit you like a brick wall
If u hard hitting u know there about to a big brawl
A free for all gotta fight for my fam
Throwing bullets like cam
And cam I am in this game I'm the grand slam
I'm the main man

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