Finders Fee

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Here we go with this fuckin hit
trailer park trash
may be a lil brash
that a rash?
better get that shit checked out
mark ass askin me what the fuck i'm talkin bout?
keep them tears comin'
don't you know cali is in a fuckin drought?
I don't know what you were thinkin bout'
that lil dime all about me
I found her
you want her?
pay my lil finders fee
re do it like tard
you aint even work hard
tina you fat lard come eat some fuckin food
I'm the giving tree
i'll help you
you can't help me
where we goin from here
wheree we goin my dear
runnin in fear
of what i said into yo ear
let me make this double clear
i don't give a shit bout you
what you stand for
what you band against
what you ran against
you had that shit up like trump
life is like a box of chocolates
Forrest Gump
lemme tell you bout the humptey hump
I don't kno where I was goin with that
all i know is that ass fat
that waist small
I was never goin to let you have her i'm takin her from y'all
take her ass to the mall
buy her any thing her heart desires
light in her heart a bunch of lil fires
choppin' her up like Halloween
Bitch i'm Michael fuckin' Myers
i'm the kid make these homies Re-Tire
out of money
on the street
ain't got a pair of J's for his feet
work for hire
light my fire
hang me from the telephone wire
shit we ain't got them no more
guess you just gonna cut at me with yo twitter flexin'
who you think you be messin' wit
bout to get yo ass lit up
like with a rabid dog
bout to get bit up
sendin me anons on my blog
just sign your name in the log like the rest
let me remind you you're fuckin with the best
By the way let me con-fess
My life is a little bit of a fuckin' mess
Bad bitches all i'm bout
no fuckin doubt
infection in my heart from the past
spread super fuckin fast
get yo lil fuckin ass out here browse what a real
homie look like
funny jokes how bout my hair look like a dike
dumb ass over here soundin' like you from the third reich
but whachu got on the motherfuckin mic
you aint got shit

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