Cypher Wraith

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This is the cypher
Lyrics are hard to decypher
My squad marching with rifles
Arrive at ya house when the night falls then
shove a gun up your motherfucking pie hole man
and I might pull in with a frightful friend
or maybe a couple
but we causing trouble
about to go double 007 on niggas
I'm Sendin yo ass , to heaven with triggas
Leave you corroded and loaded with lead
My motive is that, I wanted you dead
Go call the feds
i dont give a fuck
blow off they heads
I'm loco as fuck
Be nice to the devil
Bitch are u mistuck
Now you are stuck
in a back of a truck
and I'm backing it up
At the edge of a cliff
And I Open the trunk
Should I let yo ass live
Toss you off the brink
Fore I get to think
Let you live
That's a negative
You should be thankful
That I didn't take a shiv
and take yo ribs
and rip em out
Or leave you dangling
while I wake ya kids
And tell them that you just hanging out
When the actual factual truth is
You, gasping to breathe on a noose end

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