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nbks on the loose
reppin it hard
step in the dark
they took my brain than they severed my heart
when im borns when the twisted experiment starts
i cant get to sleep im just starin at stars
rappers im tearin apart
people like Lachy no spare me the scars
better be first on my area charts
chop you up and bury the parts
im scary and fast
im fucked and you know
trynna get some luck with the dough
stuck on a slope
till the day that i go up in that smoke
taking your drugs and stuffin the load
up in trucks and you know
Tomorrow those drugs will be trucking the roads
next day those drug will be stuck up your nose
cause your all shit getting fucked on that coke
Yeah shame bitch
this is my game its
its just a form of entertainment
get out my lane, shit
NBK Bitch
i sow seeds
grow trees
just for some money and i smoke weed
dumb dog you dont know me
the dopes been
taking over my brain yeah im stoned g
ill fuck wife in shower why shes all hot and soapy
you dont see
whats goin on i take your life, i take wife
your fucked on shit, while i fuck your bitch
she plays with my nuts a bit why i rub her clit
shes lovin it
i fuck her everday
she in my bed that where she stays
and when she was all taken care of aye
i noticed a tramp stamp, just off her ass that said nbk

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