Playback-Cypher Swag

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You mouthafuckas know i’m bout to make a mockery of the
fucking game it aint hard to see
make a name is overrated don’t need you to know I made it
the shit I been creating already got me cemented
as an all time great and I just started Like football you’re getting carted
right out of the game all because you got to much fame
as a youngin always work the hardest, make it and now
sound fucking retarded too much syrup going right to the brain
like a highway to hell welcome to my train everything we know as lame,
take a few pills to kill the pain
you sound insane I know now get slain cause I been doing my thing
Time to kill i’ll be the shotgun you be Colbain
I have to refrain from saying names, no getting arrested like bobby as I get my fame
Time to Tame all my inner demons, Girls see me already Creaming
Got me hot and steamy, I don’t know just feel me
Time to get crazy body you lyrically, it don’t faze me not the time to be lazy, do shit amazing
I’d offer you a drink but think im cosby, i’ll give the lil bill if you cross me
Fuck the treehuggers don’t talk to me
I’m bout smoking tree,not saving it
bout to bake you where the oven mitt
keep struggling, you gonna get me ticked
dont be a bitch if so i’ll be mike vick
take a lick, never seen again
this is true to the story, cannon
the shit I work for just can’t be handed
I love independent no need for branding
save that for later hope you understand man
I’m not writing back fuck you stan
I don’t care if you’re my biggest fan
You don’t know how much ive ran
don’t have time to write man
everyday another struggle
gotta flex the muscles
So i can succeed in the game I play
when you talk there’s more air than a bag of lays
Lost in my killer emotion
when I try to rub the right way, get the lotion
sip the potion, to get faded
to escape this, I fucking said it
producer is manic, give him the credit
better get the medic, spitting hot bars
and you touched it bound to leave a couple scars
shields and swords we about to charge
poet like homer and still fucking marge
cause the booty large gotta stick it in
youve been ended so i guess its fin
and ive been pretty good
to be a master lyricist dont need to be hood
you cant change my mood
imma speak on a track like im an interlude
sure im a lil crude, but you gotta take the soul food
dont lie bitch I aint cute, faggots in the game can get the boot
noone needs you here boo
dont lie to yourself, dont be a fool
would say dont need no body
but mmm why am i fucking lying
the timing cant be beat
the rhyming on a sick beat
this is an amazing feat
catching all the heat
ball-room shooting, better watch where you run
otherwise end up balled out
short boy, still playing with toys
nah dick long, and that pussy was muy delicioso
trying to tell me how to be good
sure man, go kill yourself with the bleach
do you know how to speak
fuck it, i wont talk be weak
makes it easy on me
to take whats already mine
burning the fuse to blow like a mine
killings not a hobby, but a job
fullcourt press to give you the lob
dont need to run with the mob
only end up in the back with the cops
like jared...i mean
what hell no i mean…
I dont even know, trying to
reach the all low
cuause through the air marijuana smoke
don’t choke, my dick aint even down your throat
Time for the reject to deal with it
making him feel stiff
not in the good way
more like a dog asstray
i dont even know anymore
the allure of this is all at the core
of his heart, I knew from the start
this was the shit we bout to blast
when you say you’s GOAT: RIghhhhtt
bitch while you choking all i do is WRITTTTEEE
now let me adress some shit at hand
I know you probably don’t want to hear a rant
but shit been crazy always
just like a highschool hallway
but we got to keep writing even if it kills us
no more chances to make it if we be stupid
we start losing love, where’s cupid
Thats wjy im a rap game titan, no robin
cause you already know like wayne, steady mobbin
good game I know
thats why your bitch fuck me on the lowww
like a constricter im bout to blow up (Boa)

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