Feel the Wraith

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BMak in the room.
Swept through the wraith beat like a broom. Animation off my Android tunes.
In my view is to prove I'm as air as MJ 96 bulls not space jam luney Tunes.
Zoom zoom like a rolls Royce beat seat goon Squad UP MSG on hold back soon.
Like a coon in the night hit da grey wit coon black stripes scratch a beat turn tables for I might wit a mic.
Blood type rock n roll umma muthafukin rockstar
kiss my ass as I SCREAM ON YOU TROLLS. Hit the club see a bitch on the poll voting polls.
 No trump throwing ones couple fives from Special K that I stole.
Don't tell em that I went to Hou-ston snuck-up in the room in the pants pocket took the wallet
 TOOK OFF like a rocket.
Pants pocket just exploded badd chic wit a booty just imploded booty meat black  and white meat dick is bout to slide..
Into the pussy make a shorty hold it  tight pussy but its wet sex game is the coldest. Metts game man that chic better know it hit a Homer all game rust staub wit tha swang. Mike Piazza wit the catch.
Pussy up and den it fatch.
Leave the club poured up wit some drank  won a bet. Not a test I ain't passed yet.
Rapping umma fast vet snapping on ya asses feel the wraith of the best.

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