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Parents with children please be listening
children unsupervised are credible to go missing
we hire convicts and criminals that we turn into clowns
it gives us a profit that's minimal to not run us into the ground
so kids beware of the man up the stairs
the close he where's does not make him a preacher of his prayers
he's a fire eater peering into you're terror
he's admiring you're fear sneering to scare you into despair
well turn the other way and meet another strange face
man inside a suit case with a jacket that's straight laced
looking at your face with eyes of a demon straight crazed
then comes a clown with face paint like a blood paste
like he blood bathed in a tub stained with guts slain from the audience
when they look into his eyes with obedience
he deprives them of their lives with experience
this show is so mysterious but unknown and so devious
men with pet lions go and pet while their still silent
they wont kill they're not violent but they're still defiant
from these cages we use for confinement
and the lost kids who need a useful refinement
yeah I told the parents watch you're kids
cause there's men who will stare at and stalk your kids
theirs no shocker Mrs. ill check the lockers first
then the men on the tight rope
their the ones with a psych mode
dropping kids from the rope with a noose around their throat
they watch and gloat as the rope snaps they begin to choke
they end the show with the trapeze giving little hope
a throw from both ropes across the show and missing low
unexpected but most these things are not regretted
as suspected their just little things that are expected
cause theirs crazies in the carnie
so ladies don't you worry
our security guards in his eighties
not far from begin with hades
so protect your babies cause its quite shady
no evading the squirrel man with rabies
cause they paraglide but this pair of guys
can paralyze anyone who cares to try
cause the carnival can terrorize and terrify
it has an arm full of parasites unsterilized
its quite charm full let me clarify its like a paradise
with hair lice and rare mice its very nice let me verify
come to the carnie we will sing songs better than barney
and a whole child army just follow me
into this tent and ill reveal you're destiny
affectively just close your eyes and rest to sleep
just trust in me ill give you dreams out of ecstasy
what's next lets see while we use some telepathy
and incredibly get your credits creditability
its was inevitable you were asleep like vegetable
and high so your not credible how incredible
but the best of all you will never catch us all
so go ahead and lick my testicals feel the magestical
and power from them cause their pleasentful and their plentiful
and be afraid of everything because I meant it all

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