The End Is Near

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The End Is Near
chasing wind wit a crazy grin placed up in
a place of sin living in the days of hatred in
mass amounts itll make you cringe
blacking out on the blackest route
blackness overwheming all
no backing out just crashing down
grabbing on the package addicts crwal
adderal adding all the added salt
to the wounded man
in the wound no soothing hand
just cruel and ruthless humans damned
cant refute the plan of lucifer
we let him loose and then
now he rules the earth
with cruel intent
the fuel is rooted in
vices of the flesh
in a vice of iron pressed
so tight your neck
cant find its breath
suffocate your life
try to fight your plight is next
the price is high the price is death
the price aint right apply the debt
the debt collectors will collect
like creditors collecting checks
recollect the rhetoric imbedded in
the devilish flesh of this
on the precipice of death
no rest in peace
the demented beast
with deadly speech
hit em in the face just let em bleed
you dont wanna be the one
to get up in the grave in a cage
living dead no sleep
get up in the head deceit
away from the wrath to come
hate and blasphemy
the anger of the Son
shall escape
the hellish fate
hell awaits with malice for
the foul and fake
a crowded cage
ready to fit a thousand more
down benethe the palace floor--
can you guess what hell is for?--
the taste will leave your palate sore--
in the middle of a zealous war--
hit em with the syllabes getting em
with invisible lyrical killer flow
will just spill em and kill em slow
literal biblical theological spirtual truth
is getting the the liberals in their feelings
ignoring the proof

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