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Halitosis grab a mint
Your raps atrocious that's a sin
Your spitting onions holy shit
I’m crying I’m so over it
I’m fine with filling out your epitaph
If you gon do the math
Cause two plus two subtracting one
But three's a bunch so who to add
And you the neutered half
Call it super bad that's what you do rap
Fools running around with they heads cut off cause I write lucid hacks
Stupid coolant too intact tryna flame you nitro gas
But I stop…. it’s time for class
{Verse 1}
Ass clapping on my sack
She say I’m nutty but I’m back
Hit it fast from the back like a batter at bat
My SB(Stolen Bases) is still intact but 3rd it was hard to steal that
You feel me my nigga we got it real bad
Talked to a snow bunny hoe stunting I’m running
Tryna catch her like McCain in the race in 08
Got away thats a shame still feeling that pain
When holy shit she hit me up its time to game
Fuck the lames I don’t get a text back I get a text from
But this chick was so bad I got neck some
Then onto the next one, commitment issues no nigga I just ate breakfast
Man you got halitosis nigga
I got them jamba juices hella flowing nigga
Man you got halitosis nigga
All you do is rap like you a phony nigga
{Verse 2}
Hold up
Hold me back some
Rap so surgically mastered
Aftermath actor that's half in and half out some
With the puff puff pass tho I’m back now
Who is the real nigga taking all the tops down
Not me I got a sunroof call me the class clown
Hash-browns with a loud sound think I’m a cash cow
Naw on the real I’m just tryna get some jamba juice tho
Let it go, feel the flow
I think it’s time do a show
Let it go… huh let it go pass the pen dead
I mean read not like red but like using your head to get some head
Pass the piece so I can relieve this reliving of heaving
Aleve the stitches added to my stiffness
Scarecrow kill kids or....
Well anyways the fucking point is
All you motherfucking niggas got halitosis

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