Midnight Cypher (beats by Miles ...

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(I love it love it when
They tell me do it again, do it - it again ( not recorded but if I could sing
it would have been)
The freshest never bested,
Been invested in this game since,
'96 when i was just a youngin' that was aimless,
Ain't searchin' for the fame kid,
The famous man they shameless,
All I'm hoping for is an opportunity to make it,
When I take the stage,
They quick to call me dame,
Fact of the matter when I play I always hear the same,
Do it again and again for me if you could,
Now I'm feelin' like a super hero in a comic book,
Not Louis Lane closer to Jean Gray,
Levitatin' matter by impulses in my brainwaves,
New name old game call me Annie Oakley,
With a rhythmic style and you know I'm only comin' potent,
A syrup for the hopeless, my energy is growing,
Now I'm at the stage where I got all these people floatin',
Hopin' for another word, so in other words,
I got them hanging on to each and every curve,
Or cursive depends on who we talkin' with,
Elevated minds won't stare in pure astonishment,
Honest man I promise that,
I will bring acknowledgement,
I'm sick to death of the rappin' game and all its politics,
I'm providin' diamond gifts,
Redefining excellence,
Got no need for expletives,
Cuz I be rockin' fuckin' heads harder than a pendulum,
Many men would like to see my story end,
But I'mma do the opposite,
And shine with no apologies,
Takin' off like rocket ships,
Logic is my hollow tip, the calculated strategist,
Also known as absolutely fabulous,
The catalyst that's absolutely ravenous,
You rabbit, and this the magic trick,
I pulled you from my hip,
So try to get a grip,
Asteria's the baddest, and you know I brought the damage - Bitch,
The 303 we comin' live,
that's that late night cypher, hittin' on that midnight

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