Every God (Prod. by MilesWild)

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Yo what I spit, is like a thermonuclear cist/
Incandescent as tomb of jesus when he woke from the crypt/
You consider me everything, I'll be your every god/
Metal thick bars, like my skull, now come and dwell in the dark/
Da cage and craft, conjure water mass and spit a thought in black/
Blotted artist pens, that carve the zen to peak beneath the vast/
Seat of glass, that mirrors your past, reveal leakin avatars/
Reaper and a sentinel, my spirit leaps in memoirs/
A den of endless bars, I'm content for contenders/
Them heads'll get severed, for meddlin in veteran efforts/
Your head, a bed of lies, never present intelligent rhymes/
Residence of mind, a competitive elegant ride/
Like a radio, thoughts they part ablazed in a wavy flow/
Formed in my shady dome, home of the hades known/
Lost men, live under oceans like lady lochness/
The naughty Nessie, art if any, architect I rock with/
A heart of darkness, when I speak I bleed the sun out/
Lungs drown, when and will you believe in the run down/
Deteriorating inclination of all now/
Let my flaws out, sin is sudden set in all sounds/
Reconnect to seat of spirit--
Reconnect to seat of spirit--
The mastermind come in uncalcifyin a thousand eyes/
Soon as matter dies, we'll see the rendering afterlife/

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