Cypher Entry

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put yo hands up (repeated and increasingly louder)
put ya fuckin hands up
put’m up high clearly where I can see
so I can see who exactly is an enemy
I haven’t heard one like this
tell you the story behind my eyelids
take you even further through such a fuckin trip
no street mentions or detalles
this rhyme is
my first entry to the cypher here to win it
thought to myself if they listen will they wet their linen
cuz I literally have so much written if I had more equipment
the production quality be a whole lot different
I literally just rapped on laptop and a cell phone
masturbation status on my own
some real shit
When I begin to write I first let my real soul to kick in
take over the body by the end of the writing I can read a new language
where is it taking me its like I can’t sleep
been up for 24 hours now and can go 7 more easily
there’s something about the air now a swift drift breath in the breeze
subconscious bully hearing the rest inspires me
to bring competition to well they know exactly
makes me wanna dim it down
to burn things up so y’all can vote for some crown
ight so here we go now
my vision of the results of my pursuit
fuck suits but zoots
what suits
this man better than the fucks he does’t give and a pair of new shoes
a truce?
truth spews
boost I use
still screw sluts askew
after their swoon
even if I’m a douche
not to bash through believe it but to have you conceding
sounds a little too brash so conceited
I even want the sing a lingers lost while they’re still reading
in the dark rewinding over and over just to hear this
if production quality is all I need imagine the beats after my destruction
once I gain full control of that function who will I fuck with?

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