One and Done

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And I'm goin in with that nitrous/
Blowing minds up like I'm ISIS/
Flowing you shit that is the nicest/
Cause a crisis cuz my lyrics spread like a virus/
Worth every minute of the time I spend bc these
bars are priceless/
I might be bias but I've come to the conclusion /
That every bodies in delusion/
That they're in a a league of their own exclusion/
Lemme at em spit a spasm leave contusions/
Young hodini on the mic flowin you audio lillusions/
Bring that beat back and go for another round/
See I hear your bitch is board
so I'ma snag her rebound/
Been around long enough to know
the right way to put down then sound/
For the ladies, on their skin like scabies
Drop it to the ground/
So underground that you can catch me in the cellar/
With the Deminior of a rockafeller/
Spit and pop umbrellas/
Rhymes so deaf and dumb bitch
my bars are Hellen keller/
Gotcha saying hold up!
Like I'm robbing a bank teller/
Interstellar storyteller high up givin you the thesis/
Eat beats up like recess pieces/
Chillin with some slutty nieces/
I Make that body move like I use telekinesis/
Spend 9 months inside your girl
like I'ma mother fuckin fetus/
And like a fetus I'm just tryin to break out/
Tryin to break out of simple shit
that rappers are all about/
I take that road untraveled,
GPS a whole new route/
Have no doubt I'm gunna be the man
amoung all you boyscouts.

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