Know My Name

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I'm a nobody
Even my mom sometimes forgot me
I consider myself a ghost to everybody
Even so
I refuse to gone on as the unnoticeable
I refuse to die and let gravediggers be the only ones that show up to my funeral
I admit I was too much of a coward to achieve my goals
I use to give up, and just walk away before the announcer can even say go
Well that's because, I never gave myself the chance to make myself important
Yes I have the skills, but that doesn't matter when I'm showing them off behind a close curtain
I can spend all day talking about how much I was a failure, there's so many ways to word it
Let's just cut to the chase, I'm just trying to say, I'm done being worthless
Someone came up to me and ask me
Why you keep trying to be someone your not, It's like a peasant trying to be king
And so I responded, "Cuz in the goodness of my heart, I refuse to let y'all believe
that someone like me, a peasant, can't sit upon a royal seat
I had to be my own motivation, I had no choice but to be self-confident
Even so, I still feared, no matter what I do, no applause from the audience
Even so, I will be recognize
Like if i die, i refuse to let R.I.P be what they see upon my grave
dead or alive, y'all gonna know my name

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