Pops, It's your son

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Another night of smoke alone,
Not a message on the phone,
I'm losing hope, I'm oh so broke,
I need a way to feel whole,
and fill the holes inside my soul,
I'm tired of hos inside my home,
I hide my ways when I'm feeling low,
Because I'm getting oh so high,
I'm just guy who finds his path,
I love to rap and that is that,
I love you Dad, but read the hat...
the chief for life, is who i am...
i let the past go,
and i hope to make you proud,
but that is in the end,
hope you see, i need to do this now.
Disavow a failure, so I'm working like a champ,
no they never understand the pen and pad inside my hands,
cos they can't,
this a calling and a curse, yes a pact with the men,
fighting for our sins, keep it going til the hearse.
man I work, every single day, i'm a nerd,
looking for a way to live a dream.
want it til it hurts.
never overheard, I'm just ignored,
teleport the storm, to the airwaves now they're morphed,
to a story, never worry that I'll never make it,
Just have faith in what I gotta do,
tackle fate and blaze the path,
representing what I think is true.
never meant to misconstrue intention,
I'll deliver what is overdue,
I'm still your son, but I just grew..
to Twenty Five..
why.. did so many years fly by?
why do i still have tears in my eyes,
i never wanna say goodbye,
i miss you here in life.
i miss you here in life.
yeah I gotta say it twice,

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