Fully Focused

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Ugh, this whatchu call nice, this whatchu call twice, a 6 pack n 5 blunts, whatchu call life, this whatchu call black, this whatchu call white, this whatchu call green, all my weed be extra light,
The Coldest Emcee, this whatchu call me, I spit bars, n they drop, like false teeth, flow hot, but the sauce sweet, u cannot, exhaust me, i would like, ta pause the beat, livin life, its all me, ugh,
I was on my shit b4 the toliet made, i mean, im really feelin like im more than made, but i get more than shade, the more im paid, I tore the lane, n made a way ta getta score in the game, tryna force the fame, ignore the lames, kuz im dope, kush smoke, blunts absorbin flame, ugh
Fully focused inna time of need,
Cant hold composure, but my mind at ease, yea
Rio, my name, its golden, no Midas touch, im just flyy af, n we know, our lane, kuz its rarely open, gon try ya luck, ya cant buy ya luck, people, maintain, but get lost in the moment, tryna fight wit us, enlighten us, kuz we glow, bright flames, wen the gas is smokin, still tighten blunts, lightin up,
☆We do what we do ta get paid,
Everyday its the same thing,
Tell me what do they know about,
Every move we make n how we go about, ugh,
☆I smoke wen i want n get high,
Feel alive, n maintain
Yea, Hold my composure,
Cant stop, wen im fully focused, yea
☆My release in my music u hate,
How i bang, n take aim,
Ugh, kill it all, witta shot,
givin all I got, if u a boss or not, ugh
☆We do what we do ta get by,
Stayin flyy, n im playa made
Yea, Im doin me,
She choosin me, pursuin deez, yea
This is where it ends, where it all began, n it begins here, where it all ends, ugh, rescan who you call ya friends, bet them muthafuckas ain all in, look, needa minute justa catch myself, had a knife, in my back, had ta snatch myself, want me down, for the count, im up, let's do it, 1, 2, knocked out, stomped out, keep movin, yup, boss moves, got u, more cautious, i been puttin in the work, thatchu lack, i promise, imma hold, Hip Hop, to the greatest standards, anybody can rap, but everybody ain average, ha, i go hard in anything i, do, bein me, in the booth, i jus need the room, play my part in every bar, come see my, move, if i wanna be a pussy i could be like you, ugh,

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